Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy 11th, Seth!

Wow, Seth!  I can't believe you are already 11.  You are a big 5th grader and ever so very funny :).  I love that you continue to be the boy that makes me laugh out loud and the topic of many of Dad's Facebook quotes!

Seth, I thank God for you always, for your tender spirit of empathy.  I love that you celebrate with those that succeed and help those that struggle.  I love watching you live your life hard every day and crash into your bed each night (and fall asleep immediately!!!).  You challenge me to enjoy life and to sing a song for every occasion :).

Baked apple a la mode instead of cake... excellent choice :)

Thank you, Lord, for gifting me with my Seth.  May You continue to grow him and mold him into a strong and courageous young man.  May he continue to love memorizing Your Word and to think deeply about Your Truth.  Lord, guard him against pride and all evil, and surround him with Your people.  May this son of mine bring you much glory as he grows and matures into Your own image.

Kicking off 2013 with a trip to Maui!!!

Mom & Dad twisted our arms to take a trip to Maui with them :D.  Matthew and I are thrilled to give our kids this opportunity to experience Hawaii.  With much pain, I agreed to pull the kids out of school for a week (just one week after getting back from Christmas break) to make a memory of a life time!

Although all three kids were disappointed about having to forfeit their spots to represent their school in the District Spelling Bee, here we are, living the hard life :)

View from our room at the beautiful Fairmont Kea Lani

Following Mom and Dad's hot Mustang to Lahaina

Sad times... can't climb this perfect climbing tree :(

Snorkeling at Ahihi Beach!  Perfect visibility and gorgeous fishes!!!

On our way to the Road to Hana... following a audio tour :)

My monkey boys... look at the drop off from where they were (next picture)!  I did not approve of this climb!!!

New twist to sword fighting... bamboo sticks :)

We climbed back over the fence of the this secret waterfall... sure felt like we were trespassing.
Umm... officer... the audio guide said that we could...

The Seven Sacred Pools!!!

Back at the beach... in front of our hotel :)

Beach or pool???  This is a difficult choice... so we chose both :D

Who said that Isaac is too short to dunk?!?

A+ for style, Seth! 
A little tennis after dinner for Abby!

Happy birthday, Dad!!!

Ooooo... Hawaiian shave ice!  I submit that life cannot be better!!!

Nice quiet dinner out, just the two of us!

Seth's birthday breakfast... french toast with bananas & white chocolate chips, plus coconut syrup!

One last hurrah with the boards... or shall we say pile up :)

Hawaiian birthday card and present from Grandpa & Grandma

On our way home

Ahhh... what a great way to start off 2013!  Thank you, Dad and Mom, for having a work conference at such a super location... and for inviting us to join you :).